Webinar: Accessing export markets – opportunities and shared lessons for strawberries

The opportunity to diversify markets and capitalise on the increasing food demand in Asia, as a result of strengthening economies and a growing middle class, is part of the push to increase export market access for premium Australian produced strawberries. 

 Australia’s strawberry exports have been increasing annually but remain relatively limited, with 4,304 tonnes or 4.6% of the national production exported in the year ending June 2018.  Subsequently, there is significant scope to meet the industry target set out in the Strawberry Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) of increasing exports of Australian strawberries from four per cent to at least eight per cent of national production by volume by 2021. 

Watch this webinar recording from the 20 June 2019 with experienced Western Australian strawberry grower and exporter Jamie Michael, CSIRO System Approaches Horticulture engagement officer Kate Fielder, Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Senior Extension Horticulturist Clinton McGrath and Agribusiness Research Lead from Griffith University Robin Roberts as they discuss opportunities and shared lessons for strawberry exports.

 The discussion, moderated by Clinton Muller from RMCG, provides an overview of the on farm protocols to access markets, the logistics on how to export strawberries and research on what consumers are looking for in strawberries within international markets.     

 This webinar was delivered by the Strawberry Innovation project, funded by Hort Innovation using the strawberry research and development levy and funds from the Australian Government.

Market profile

A comprehensive market profile of the Australian Strawberry industry developed as part of the Wealth from Water project in Tasmania provides a great summary of the supply chain and market demand for strawberries in Australia.  Click here for a copy of the short profile report.