USA: cardboard strawberry clamshells

As people across the country focused on Earth Day earlier this week and how each of us can make a difference, California Giant said it was working behind the scenes conducting field tests on prototype cardboard clamshells for fresh strawberries.


The cardboard strawberry clamshell, called Ready-Cycle introduced by Sambrailo Packaging has received attention by many in the industry including USA strawberry producers California Giant.  California Giant has conducted their own real-world shipments partnering with a key foodservice customer and Sambrailo. The company spent several months working closely with Markon Cooperative testing the two-pound clamshell in the field for shipments to their distributor partners. After some adjustments were made to the container to ensure fruit integrity, a recent test shipment showed positive results, with the customer committed to introducing the container during peak berry season in 2019, it announced.

The new line of Ready-Cycle, corrugated, fully-recyclable clamshells, are aimed at reducing the amount of packaging used in the foodservice industry.

California Giant said it is always looking for solutions and new opportunities to better serve their customers and the consumer. This new initiative may not be the final solution that answers the question about how to reduce the plastic headed for landfills, but it helps to have the conversation about what industry can accomplish together and begin the pathway to find solutions for the future.