Strawberry supplies run short in supermarkets

Strawberries are reported to be in short supply in supermarkets following a delay from Queensland growers and limited fruit left on bushes in Victoria.

“There has been more of a break in supply this year as it has mostly been a warm season and our fruit has all ripened off early,” Kookaberry Strawberry Farm owner Frances Caltiri said.

“It is the end of our season and all our strawberries are under cloches, which we usually do around this time of the year.”

Ms Caltiri said it was the first year the business had little fruit left on the bushes.

“We are still picking seven days a week, but only small amounts,” she said. “On top of this, Queensland has been affected by drought so their supply is not yet in supermarkets.”

Yarra Valley grower Jim Ripepi said he experienced hot and dry conditions during the growing season.

“We will try to pick as much as we can before Queensland berries hit supermarkets,” Mr Ripepi said.

“We did experience some wet weather last week, which has also affected picking — adding on to the hot season.”

Coles said the supermarket had a limited supply of strawberries in most states.

Source: Amelia Pepe, The Weekly Times