Perth growers keep an eye on strawberry prices

Source: Michael Wilson

Source: Michael Wilson

Lower plantings as a result of drought on the east coast will most likely increase strawberry prices throughout the country. The increase in price may, however, potentially benefit some growers in Perth’s strawberry region, who have been severely impacted by the tampering crisis and the incursion of the tomato potato psyllid in 2017.

The reduction in plantings throughout the Perth region is a result of lack of runner supply from nurseries in Queensland and Victoria, due to drier than average conditions. Although planting are down approximately 25%, WA Strawberry Growers Association spokesman Jamie Michael believes that the lower market supply should lead to better prices for growers, while still being affordable for consumers.

“There is unlikely to be the dirt-cheap prices that shoppers have seen in recent years, but they still will be reasonable and affordable for consumers,” he said.

“I expect instead of offers such as three or four punnets for $5, prices will be in the vicinity of two punnets for $5.

“Importantly, the wholesale price paid to growers will be better.”

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