Growers shut the gate as a result of tampering crisis

Some growers have decided to shut the farm gate after last years tampering crisis . Losses, which have been reported to have been up to $12 million, have had a significant impact on production throughout Australia. The industry has been estimated at being around 14 percent lower than the average for the past five years.

Queensland Agriculture Minister Mark Furner said that the loss that had been seen was primarily due to the tampering crisis that occurred in September 2018.

Mr Furner said that it will take the industry some time to recover from the incidents.

"The damage was significant and it was, I guess, to some extent, it was good that it was towards the end of the season with only about two or three weeks to go last year - there was an oversupply," he said.

"Some growers have dropped out of the market ... I understand there was some around the Sunshine Coast or northern Caboolture area."

Mr Furner encouraged consumers to support farmers and buy Queensland produce.

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