Driscoll's Strawberry dilemma

International strawberry distributer, Driscoll’s is currently suing American plant scientist Douglas Shaw and his private strawberry breeding company, California Berry Cultivars LLC, after they improperly used Driscoll’s proprietary strawberry varieties in their plant-breeding activities.

Driscoll’s, who filed a complaint against the plant scientist and his breeding company in March for patent infringement, has opened opened up a complicated discussion into the world of plant patent law.

Source: www.driscolls.com

Source: www.driscolls.com

In addition to the patent infringement, Driscoll’s is also fighting the interference this has had with their contracts with growers and nurseries.

“We will stand up for our patented varieties and the farming families who rely on our breeding programs,” said Driscoll’s General Counsel Tom O’Brien in the press release.

“Driscoll’s and all of the strawberry breeding programs in California have an interest in fostering fair competition that benefits consumers and growers. We cannot and will not abide by the illegal and unauthorised use of our varieties and believe that all breeding programs should be protected from these kinds of actions.”

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Source: www.santacruzsentinel.com