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8th International Strawberry Symposium 2016

  • Quebec City Convention Centre 1000 Boulevard René-Lévesque Est Ville de Québec, QC, G1A 1B4 Canada (map)

Building on the success of past editions, the next ISHS International Strawberry Symposium will take place in Quebec city from the 13th to the 17th of August 2016. Known as the Olympics of strawberry, the next edition will be the meeting place of all those involved in the science and development of the strawberry industry worldwide.

Over the last few years, strawberry production has rapidly expanded globally, owing to the application of strict scientific principles and introduction of innovative management practices. Yet, the industry is facing new challenges that must be clearly confronted and surmounted if it is to continue growing. Consumers are ever more insistent, requesting tasteful, attractive fruits, while calling for safe and ecological supply throughout the year. These demands are placing a lot of weight on the scientist’s shoulders to provide solutions to the upcoming issues. At the same time, there are many outstanding opportunities for strawberry production and marketing. For one, many new studies demonstrate the exceptional health properties of the fruit. The days are not far that we will recommend the regular consumption of strawberry as a preventative approach to fight many diseases.

Thus in line with the new challenges ahead, the theme of the symposium will be « Moving strawberry science to new frontiers ». The symposium will address such topics as new breeding advancements, sustainability and safety of production, new cultural management techniques, harvesting efficiency, new marketing strategy, new diseases and pest control, and health benefits of strawberry.

We expect about 400 scientists for some 50 countries to meet during ISS2016. At the same time, a similar amount of industry stakeholders and progressive growers will meet to attend the Strawberry-Techtransfer conference to take place simultaneously to the scientific gathering. For the event, we have partnered with Veiling Hoogstraten to organize a special session on worldwide marketing opportunities and outcome for the years to come. Already, many countries are organizing growers missions to attend the meeting, among them delegations from California, Florida, France, Turkey, Mexico, China and many more will be present.

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